• Sabtu, 4 Desember 2010

    1st RANKED IN CONSUMER PROTECTION: Director of Bank Muamalat Arviyan Arifin received an award from the Governor of Bank Indonesia darmin Nasution in the Banking Customer Care Night in Jakarta 10/25. The Indonesia’s Islamic banking pioneer was ranked at the 1st Position in Customer Protection surpassing  Bank Mandiri, BRI, and HSBC respectively at the 2nd,3rd and 4th position.

    Islamic Banks continue to demonstrate priding achievements in Indonesia. This is proven by Bank Muamalat which is awarded as the best bank in customer protection. The Indonesia's Islamic banking pioneer is ranked in the first position for the category of Best Customer Complaint Handling.

    This award was handed over in front of the Central Bank executives, banks directors and chairman of the Indonesian Consumers Foundation, Sudaryatmo as well. The award was handed over directly by the Governor of Bank Indonesia Darmin Nasution to the President Director of Bank Muamalat Arviyan Arifin at Banking Customer Care Night Event organized by Bank Indonesia in Jakarta, Monday 10/25.

    "Alhamdulillah, this is a remarkable achievement for us, this award is a direct appreciation from Bank Indonesia as banking regulator for all the effort and determination we have done so far", Arviyan said.

    Arviyan deserves to be delighted, because in the category of Customer Complaint Handling there were three conventional banks selected as frontrunners, including a couple of large state-owned banks, while Bank Muamalat as the only Islamic bank was in the first rank.

    In the selection process, Bank Indonesia using the criteria of seriousness in coordinating with Bank Indonesia for handling customer complaints, high level of compliance with banking regulations in relations to complain handling, as well as the quality of customer complaints handling.

    Bank Muamalat provide SalaMuamalat as 24-hour phone banking service, customer care on website, along with customer service in more than 300 offices across Indonesia to accommodate the aspirations and grievance of customers.

    "Currently we strive to improve the effective implementation of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) and the compliance principles, and wanted to bring Muamalat service standards to a higher level as well", he added, "We also should not be complacent. We are thankful for this award and will we make as our spirit boosters for better customer protection in the future", he said

    This award completes a long row of awards achieved by the Bank, earlier in October, Bank Muamalat awarded as the Best Islamic Financial Institution in Indonesia by Global Finance, a well-known magazine based in New York, United States. This award was given in the World's Best Bank Awards Ceremony 2010, held in conjunction with the Annual Meeting of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank in Washington, DC.

    "All of this point is the recognition and support from entire stakeholders including customers and the community both locally and internationally for Bank Muamalat. We are committed to continue sustaining this trust as best as possible," Arviyan ended. (hnf / hnf)

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