• Selasa, 13 April 2010

    Director of Bank Muamalat Adrian A. Gunadi (far right) with Vice Mayor of Tarakan, Suhartjo and BMI Area Manager of Kalimantan, Hasmal Sunadi (far left) inaugurated the new Tarakan office 13/04.

    Tarakan is located in the northern part of East Kalimantan Province and near to the neighboring country, Malaysia. This First Purely Sharia Bank is trying to improve customer loyalty in remote areas through the expansion of offices and alliances with 4000 post offices and 32,000 ATMs in Indonesia.

    Efforts of Bank Muamalat Indonesia (BMI) to extend customer’s accessibility apparently not just run through the alliance, but also by opening it’s offices across Indonesia until the border areas. Tuesday, 13/04, this First Purely Sharia Bank launch the new office in Tarakan, East Kalimantan.

    BMI plans to boost the retail portion of it’s Third Party Fund/DPK portfolio. “We will increase the share of retail funds up to 60% this year”, said Director of Bank Muamalat, Adrian A. Gunadi in his addressing.

    On the way to realize it, the pioneer of Islamic bank is going to rely on savings products. Besides of Shar-E which is so well known and have been successfully sold over 2,000,000 accounts, BMI also relies on Ummat Saving and Arafah Hajj Saving which is presently converted into two versions, namely Arafah Hajj Regular Saving and Arafah Hajj Plus Saving. Although it is typically has small denominations and are simply for transactional purposes, Savings is relied by the banks to obtain cheap fund. “We would boost the economic fund, besides of more beneficial regarding of the nisbah/spreads, low-cost funds also have high immovability”, he added.

    Also attended the BMI Area Manager of Kalimantan, Hasmal Sunadi, BMI Branch Manager of Samarinda, Khairunnisa and Local Government, and Official of Bank Indonesia.

    Tarakan is a town possessing a remarkable history. On January 11, 1942, Tarakan became the first Indonesian territory was invaded by about 20 thousand soldiers of Japan. Dutch try to survive although eventually defeated. The history of this war has led some people call this town as the Pearl Harbor of Indonesia. The town is located in the northeastern part of Kalimantan province, very close to the neighboring country, Malaysia.

    Retail funding is run through a strategy of expansion across the country. During the year 2009, the number of offices such as the Branch Office (KC), Secondary Branch Office (Capem) and the Cash Office (KK) increased 34%. Particularly only in Jabodetabekser, BMI added 21 branches last year.

    Not only spread the offices, BMI is also working on alliances. The Alliance carried out with the Post Offices, ATM Bersama and ATM Prima so that customers can make free cash deposit at the 4000 SOPP Post and free cash withdrawals at 32,000 ATMs. Moreover, customers can shop at more than 95,000 merchants by Shar-E Card.

    In line with expansion in the region, BMI is also expanding abroad. It’s first overseas branch has been operating in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Until the end of 2009, this branch has been collected up to USD 441 Billion fund. Unsparing, this single Islamic bank which has been expanding into overseas is collaborating with the Malaysian Electronic Payment System (MEPS), so that customers can do cash withdrawals at 2000 ATMs in Malaysia.

    As for the East Kalimantan province, BMI has collected Rp 172 Billion of fund, with a saving portion of Rp 111 billion (60%). This portion will be continuously improved in sequence to network expansion throughout the region. Previously, BMI has also launched its office in Sangatta, East Kutai as well for the office in Berau planned to be opened in August.

    By expanding the network, BMI hoping not only to become a pioneer and catalyst of the Islamic finance industry in Indonesia, but continue to grow up and always be the best. On 03/03, Bank Muamalat achieved the predicate as the Best Islamic Bank in Indonesia by Islamic Finance News (IFN), Kuala Lumpur. Earlier, BMI was also awarded a similar award as Best Islamic Financial Institution in Indonesia from Global Finance, based in New York as well as the Best Islamic Finance House in Indonesia from Alpha South East Asia, based in Hong Kong. Throughout the journey, this Islamic banking pioneer is getting more familiar with awards. Not less than 70 national and international awards have been accepted by BMI in the last 5 years.

    “Bank Muamalat will continue to expand across the country. Beside of empowering local enterprises, we can also raise the customer loyalty”, Adrian concluded.(hnf/hnf).

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