• Senin, 7 Juni 2010

    Gait of Bank Muamalat Indonesia (BMI) to empower the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) seem to be increasingly stretched in Bengkulu Province. As Wednesday 3/6, this First Purely Sharia bank will open office in Curup Town.

    The Launching was attended by BMI Branch Head of Bengkulu, Dendy Prasetya, Head of Bank Indonesia Bengkulu, Causa Iman Karana and Regent of Rejang Lebong, Suherman. “Bank Muamalat is committed not only to provide Islamic compliance banking services, but also easily accessible and very broad services in SOPP POS, ATM networks and alliances“,  Bambang said. “Opening an office in Curup will support Muamalat efforts to accelerate the escalation of retail portion both in funding and financing”, Dendy added. In this event also signed the MoU between Bank Muamalat and the State Islamic University (STAIN) Curup for Islamic banking education program for 3000 students. Also participate, Baitul Maal Muamalat (BMM) to donate the orphans in the surrounding areas.

    Curup is the capital of Rejang Lebong District located in the Bukit Barisan Mountains and surrounded by Bukit Daun and Bukit Kaba. This second largest town in Bengkulu Province is located about 85 km from the capital town of Bengkulu and even have ever been the capital of South Sumatra Province during the Indonesian revolution era under the leadership of Governor AK Gani.

    The Rejang Lebong District has 250.000 inhabitants and has an area of 4109.8 km ². The majority of the population are farmers, traders as well civil servants and the original ethnics are Lembak and Rejang. There are also migrant communities from Java, Lembak, Minang, and Serawai. The district is also known as one of the origin habitat of two world’s largest flower species, they are Raflessia Arnoldy and Amorphopalus Titanuum.

    Bank Muamalat is working to boost the retail portion of the funding and financing portfolio. For that,this Islamic banking pioneer continues to expand in the region. Not only targeting Curup Town and Rejang Lebong District, Curup office will also cover Kepahiyang District and Lebong District. Furthermore, this office will also target the inter-province customers from Lubuk Linggau, South Sumatra.

    Retail Funding will be boosted through the latest product innovations, Regular Arafah Hajj Savings and Plus Arafah Hajj Savings. Regular Arafah Hajj Savings can be opened by only Rp 250 000. Customers get a free life insurance cover and the benefits received if the customer passed away. This product is no longer using mudharabah(profit sharing), but using wadiah agreement(deposit). By wadiah agreement, BMI can provide a competitive bonus when customer account reaches a certain balance.

    While Plus Arafah Hajj Savings is intended for premium customers who plan on pilgrimage in a shorter time. The minimum initial deposit is Rp 1,500,000, -, as compensation, customers get additional insurance cover other than death claim, which is medical emergency services during the savings period and pilgrimage. With Mudharaba agreement, profit share will continue to increase as the growing balances. For this product, BMI provides tables that facilitate customer to plan deposit every month, as well as projections of departure. In addition, retail funding products which have previously well-known such as Shar-E and Savings Ummat will also remain optimally marketed.

    Meanwhile, for retail financing products will rely on Islamic Home Financing. This product provides up to 15-years term service and can be used for home ownership, shop, shop-homes, apartments as well refinance mortgages. While maximum limit for this product is Rp 10 billion without any penalty for customers who are accelerating the settlement.

    End of April 2010, assets of BMI Bengkulu Branch reached Rp 61.71 billion. As for third party funds (DPK) reached Rp 57.7 billion and is concentrated in the retail sector with a share of the savings of more than 70% (Rp 40.6 billion). Even this branch is expansive enough to drop the financing by up to Rp 66.2 billion outstanding financing, exceeding it’s Third Party Funds (TPF). Thus, the Financing to Deposit Ratio (FDR) reaches 114.6%. Aggressively provide financing does not make BMI Bengkulu branch to reduce it’s prudence, proven through it’s Non Performing Financing (NPF) which is only 0.78% as of April 2010. (hnf/hnf)

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