• Rabu, 11 Agustus 2010

    The rapid growth of Sharia banking industry is increasingly noticeable in view of the growth of total offices opened. Not only conducts expansion to regional areas, but also still expanse in the urban. This is at least visible from the progressive efforts of Bank Muamalat Indonesia (BMI), which is still conducting vigorous expansion in Greater area of Jakarta and surrounding areas.

    Tuesday 10/8 The pioneer of Sharia banking is launching it’s new office in Pondok Indah, Jakarta. Located in Plaza I, Jl. Metro Pondok Indah, South Jakarta, the launching was attended by the Director of Bank Muamalat, Andi Buchari and the Manager of Bank Muamalat Area Tier 1 City II, Muchtar Manto. "As a business center, DKI Jakarta still has great potential both in terms of funding and financing", said Andi.

    Comprehensive strategy seems to be taken by BMI in spreading expansion. BMI is not only aggressively expanded to the regional area but also remain intense work on customers in the Capital region. BMI now has opened 77 offices in the Greater area of Jakarta (Jabodetabek) plus in Serang. Nationally, BMI has about 300 offices throughout Indonesia plus 4000 outlets in POST offices and 32,000 ATM Prima/BCA and Joint ATM for free-of-charge deposit transactions and cash withdrawals to it’s customers. Completing the expansion in the capital city and regional area, the bank became the first commercial bank from Indonesia and still the only one so far which opened a full branch in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia since 2009.

    Launching of Pondok Indah office was held after the BMI was awarded as the Best Local Islamic Finance Bank in Indonesia 2010 from Alpha South East Asia on August 4, 2010. Alpha South East Asia is an investment media based in Hong Kong and make the countries in Southeast Asia as the main subject of it’s editorials. "This award further strengthens our optimism in expanding and enhancing Sharia banking services for all, whatever their background", added Andi.

    To attract more customers, the Best Sharia Bank in Indonesia 2009 awarded by Islamic Finance News/IFN Malaysia, Global Finance USA and Alpha South East Asia Hong Kong reinforce its expansion efforts with new innovation and product feature enhancements, both in funding and financing products. Products which experienced improvements include Tabungan Haji Arafah, Shar-e and Baiti Jannati. Tabungan Haji Arafah is now shared in two versions, namely Tabungan Haji Arafah Plus and Tabungan Haji Arafah Regular. While Shar-e, used as iB Muamalat, iB Muamalat Sahabat and iB Muamalat Pos savings account card. While Baiti Jannati is now converted to Pembiayaan Hunian Syariah (Sharia Residential Financing). "In addition to achieving the collection target of Third Party Fund and financing, enhanced features of these three products is expected to increase the retail portion of the portfolio of funding and financing", he said.

    Andi said that the opening of Bank Muamalat office in Pondok Indah is also aimed to get closer with the area of prominent leading housing, education, and business complex in South Jakarta. (hnf/hnf)

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